AirBus A380

Reports state that an Irish aircraft-leasing company, Amedeo, is looking into leasing out its A380 planes to interested firms. These firms include industry heavyweights like Google, Airbnb, and Expedia.

The move was announced on Thursday after Amedeo’s CEO, Mark Lapidus stated it was his ambition to find firms that would buy seats on his company’s planes. He added that the companies in question didn’t necessarily need to be part of the aviation industry.

The company’s current blueprint aims to run the flights on behalf of the firms. Thus, its services are not different from a hired car or limousine.

Amedeo will provide the plane, the cabin crew, and the pilot. The firms need only act as customers and enjoy the service offered.

Speaking of his idea, Lapidus stated that there has been a rising interest from a number of firms in the idea of plane-hire.

He added that his particular model would be very appealing to companies that desired an airline’s comfort but were unwilling to bear the challenge and cost of running a full airline.

Lapidus’ business model is likely to debut in 2023 when all leased planes are due to be returned to the leasing party.

Lapidus hopes that he will then manage to convince companies to purchase a number of business or economy seats on each plane. Leasing smaller portions would allow greater flexibility to the client which may not have the kind of demand required to lease a whole plane.

Lapidus believes that the passengers themselves will have no hassle with traveling this way since most seasoned travelers are aware of code-sharing

Additionally, he stated that the service offered by Amedeo has been “commoditized” to meet all travelers’ expectations.