Facebook New Tool

Facebook announced that users would soon be able to scan their “likes” to check if they had chanced upon any pages linked to the foreign operatives that spread propaganda during the U.S. presidential election in 2016.

The website has recently faced a Senate meeting to explain how the “foreign actors” attempts to spread propaganda via their platforms went unnoticed. A similar concern was raised over other sites like Google and Twitter with Senate members shocked that none had taken the time to screen its users.

At the Senate hearing, Facebook admitted that almost 126 million Americans could have viewed the content uploaded by the Kremlin linked account.

While the pages have since been deleted, Facebook has taken the infiltration personally. The company has now decided to build a tool which will allow users to find out if they were following the pages created by the Russia-based Internet Research Agency.

The Internet Research Agency, was the mastermind behind over a thousand fake accounts spread out over popular social media interphases such as Instagram, Twitter, and of course, Facebook.

The accounts were active during the U.S. Presidential campaign and published a number of politically charged messages. Sources now believe that these accounts were created with the sole intention of influencing the election.

Many of the pages were designed to make users believe they were created by U.S. citizens.

When asked about the alleged foreign influence in November 2016, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg stated it was a “crazy idea”. However, since then the company has admitted to the presence of thousands of posts and paid advertisements created by Russian operatives.

The company has come under a great deal of fire for being lax enough to allow the spread of propaganda and fake news on its so called “secure” network.

Facebook’s new tool will be available to the public from December.