Disney Misconduct Allegations

In the latest controversy to plague Hollywood, Disney and Pixar’s head of animation, John Lasseter has resigned after a string of misconduct allegations were made against him.

Hollywood’s dirty secrets continued to spill when staff at the animation studios accused head animator, John Lasseter of sexual harassment.

Lasseter has become the latest name in the controversy, which has its roots in the Weinstein scandal. Since then, the sins of a number of Hollywood actors, directors, and producers has been brought to light.

However, Lasseter becomes the first animator to have his name connected with harassment allegations.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, staff stated that Lasseter was well known for his inappropriate behavior. They stated that amongst other things, Lasseter was known for “grabbing” and “kissing” his co-workers. They also stated that he often made lewd comments about female staff.

Although Lasseter is not the first Hollywood star to face these allegations, he is certainly the first to resign on his own. Others like network host, Charlie Rose, have been suspended by the companies they were attached to.

Perhaps, it was this trend of suspension that made Lasseter decide that it would be wiser to roll over on his own.

In a statement made after the story broke, Lasseter apologized to “anyone” who had ever been “on the receiving end” of his “unwanted hug”. He apologized for any “missteps” and “any other gesture they felt crossed the line in any way, shape, or form”.

Lasseter’s apology seemed to be a bit of a reach in the dark. While he has certainly apologized, he did not explicitly state that he was apologizing for any misbehavior.

If anything, his apology was worded in a way that left the listener wondering if he had committed any folly at all. At one point he even stated that no matter how “benign” his intent had been, every individual had the right to “set their own boundaries”.

Lasseter, who is a founding member of Pixar, stated that he would now take a six month leave and work on “taking better care” of himself.

Lasseter is best known as the director of Toy Story, Cars, and a Bug’s Life.