Networks Suspend Charlie Rose

In what has become an unusually common case, eight women came forward to accuse U.S. talk show host, Charlie Rose, of sexual harassment. In light of the allegations, Rose’s networks have suspended him until further investigation.

The issues came to light after top actresses stepped forward to accuse Oscar winning Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein, of sexual abuse and harassment. Since then, a number of others have developed the courage to come forward and accuse their abusers.

In the past week alone, networks suspended writer-creator of “The Royals”, Mark Schwan, after a number of allegations were made against him by the cast and crew of his former show, “One Tree Hill”.

Rose has become the next industry heavyweight to face up to his actions after eight women came forward, to accuse him of inappropriate behavior and sexual harassment. The women made their accusations in a report published by The Washington Post.

The allegations were made over instances dating back to the 1990s and reports continue as recently as 2011. The women stated that Rose’s actions included groping, making lewd, uncomfortable phone conversation, and unwanted advances. Two women employed by Rose further stated that he had walked past them in the nude, while another stated that he had molested her at a party.

Commenting on the story, CBS News, which runs a show co-anchored by Rose, stated that the allegations made by the women were “extremely disturbing”. The network added that they were taking the accusations “very seriously”. CBS received support from both Bloomberg and PBS, networks that run Rose’s other shows.

Immediately after the news broke out, Rose issued a statement, apologizing for his behavior. However, he claimed that some of the allegations made by the report were not true.