sean Hannity

Media group Fox has decided to back up the host of its news segment, Hannity, after he was left to face the wrath of a liberal press group called Media Matters for America.

In a petition signed on Sunday, the group insisted that the host, Sean Hannity’s show be boycotted by all advertisers.

The network immediately took up arms against the group and denounced the petition it had put up. The petition called on all advertisers to sidetrack Hannity’s show claiming it was “nothing more than political opportunism based on deceit”.

The group, Media Matters for America, further argued that Hannity’s show was clearly “a Trump propaganda operation”.

The tirade against the show has been ongoing since August 2017, however, Fox itself has never deigned to comment on it. Fox News’ denouncement on Sunday was its first statement since the proceedings began.

Fox’s spokesperson stated Hannity’s show was the “number one program” on cable news because America had made it number one.

The spokesperson added that the audience’s relationship with the show was “stronger than ever”. However, when questioned about the advertisers, the network refrained from making any comments.

Despite Fox’ assurances, a number of companies have already come out in support of the petition. However, the backlash has not been as severe as the one that the network faced after the Bill O’Reilly scandal.

The air between the liberal group and the network has been fraught for quite some time. However, the tension rose after Hannity publically expressed support for the Alabama senatorial candidate Roy Moore.

Moore has been pelted with allegations by women who state that he sexually harassed them when they were underage. Moore has claimed that the allegations are “completely false”.