Elon Musk: CEO Tesla Semi

Tesla’s new electric semi truck, launched on November 16, has capability to drive up to 500 miles in a single charge. Its capability is higher than analysts has estimated.

The newly launched truck, known as Tesla Semi, can go from 0 to 60 in five seconds, or 20 seconds with load of 80,000 pounds. The capabilities are making it a vehicle that could meet requirements of long haul trucks.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla said that the truck is capable of beating diesel truck in straight line. He added that it can beat by 45 percent grade with only two of its four motors functioning.

Speed is not the only factor that will beat diesel truck. When total cost of ownership is considered, it will beat price per mile.

Tesla has made major changes in design by placing a steering wheel in the middle instead of left and right. Moreover, it has built-in connectivity to help in remote monitoring and routing.

It has implemented lessons from developing Model S, X, and 3. The company has installed four Model 3 electric motors and touchscreen panels on either side of the driver.

Tesla launched electric semi truck amid other challenges such as manufacturing of Model 3 and suffering the largest quarterly loss in the history in Q3 2017. Moreover, it could not meet delivery targets of the Model 3.

Tesla Semi is expected to bring transformation in the trucking industry and recovery from recent losses. Nevertheless, the astonishing claims about capabilities of Tesla Semi are raising many eyebrows.