Impeaching the President Democrats

A number of Democrats made a bold move by introducing articles of impeachment against the President Donald Trump. The Democrats cited obstruction of justice among the offenses committed by the U.S. President.

The move, made on Wednesday, has received little support from the Democratic Party. It appears that the Party prefers to hold itself aloof until it is certain of the verdict of the Robert Mueller investigation.

The special investigation conducted by Mueller will shed some light on the alleged ties between Trump’s Presidential campaign and Russian operative interference.

While most believe that the ties are strong and will result in major troubles for the U.S. President, others remain unconvinced. The six Democrats that have taken a stand against Trump certainly belong to the former group.

However, top Democratic leaders believe that the impeachment campaign will simply raise backs in the Republican led House. They believe that this will act as a hindrance during the upcoming 2018 mid-term elections.

The six Democratic accusers however have refused to bow down to Party pressure. The five articles they introduced have stated that the President of the United States was guilty of obstructing justice in the FBI’s investigation into Russian interference. They have also accused Trump of undermining the sanctity and independence of the federal judiciary among other related offenses.

One of the accusers, Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Tenn. stated that the six leaders had taken the action out of concern the country, its Constitution, its national security and its democracy.

He admitted that since the Republicans hold the majority, the impeachment articles are unlikely to proceed. However, he stated that they would at least have the opportunity to speak out about the atrocities that Trump had committed against justice.