Born Dimitrov reaches career best

Tennis star Grigor Dimitrov has declared that he is no longer playing in Roger Federer’s shadow. The declaration comes after the Bulgarian managed his best year yet by reaching the final four at the ATP Finals.

The Bulgarian has often been compared to Tennis legend Roger Federer on account of his one-handed back-hand. The comparisons have been rampant since Dimitrov first came onto the tennis scene in 2008 when he won the junior Wimbledon title.

Understandably, Dimitrov has struggled a great deal to live up to Federer’s achievements in the sport. He has also had to face personal doubts over his commitment to the sport after critics labelled him something of a constant underachiever. This, combined with the fact that his dating life was more rampant than his professional life had critics believe that Dimitrov was more of a playboy than a serious player. Dimitrov was often in the news on account of his famous, tennis-player girlfriend, Maria Sharapova.

However, all that is now a thing of the past. This year Dimitrov has decided to push past his own shortcomings and has certainly emerged triumphant. This year, Dimitrov became the first Bulgarian to qualify for the season ending Tour Finals. He also managed to place sixth in the ATP rankings which were made earlier this month.

The year has certainly been kind to Dimitrov, among his victories he counts matches over Dominic Thiem, and David Goffin.

He even went on record to state that the comparisons to Federer which have plagued his career didn’t “really matter anymore”. He added that the only thing he was truly looking forward to was his game.

Sports critics only hope that Dimitrov will not revert to being what he used to be, just another flash in the pan.

However, his performance this year could mean that the world will soon have another major tennis player in its midst.