serial killer Manson seriously ill

American mass killer Charles Manson has reportedly been admitted to a California hospital on account of grave illness.

The 83-year old is currently serving multiple life sentences at a prison in Corcoran, Calif.  Manson once led a cult in the 1960’s and urged his followers to murder and anarchy. He was arrested and convicted in 1971. Reports now state that he was admitted to Bakersfield hospital three days ago with life-threatening complications.

Manson was well known in the 1960s on account of a small, badly made swastika carving on his forehead. He appointed himself the leader of a cult and then proceeded to use his followers to carry out brutal attacks in the vicinity of Los Angeles.

His followers carried out a wave of terror and managed to kill nine people across four locations in 1969. Manson was later charged with both murder by proxy and first degree murder and found guilty on both charges.

This is not Manson’s first bout with health issues. He was admitted to Bakersfield in January 2017 for similar reasons. However, at the time, he was treated and released back into prison. Reports state that Manson had suffered from severe intestinal bleeding and needed surgery to repair a lesion, unfortunately he had been too weak to get the procedure.

At parole hearings in the past, Manson has seemed increasingly frail and mentally vague. In the 1990s he ceased attending the hearings altogether. Unsurprisingly, Manson has never won a parole petition. Thus far he has been denied parole 12 times.

Court records state that Manson has been diagnosed as delusional and schizophrenic as well. Assessments by the prison psychologist state that Manson has never expressed remorse for the killings he is responsible for. In fact, Manson has often expressed pride in his actions.

His next parole hearing is scheduled for 2027- if he survives that long.