Same sex Marriage Legalized In Australia

The people from down under have spoken out in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage in the country, with nearly 61.6% of the public voting in the affirmative.

The issue of same-sex marriage went to a vote after a great deal of turmoil. The vote took place via a non-binding postal vote.

In light of the verdict, Australia’s Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull stated that the government would try its best to pass the legislation in the parliament by Christmas.

The outcome has been welcomed with great joy by supporters of the same-sex marriage. Supporters brought their rainbows to the street, singing and dancing as the historic event.

Speaking of the result, the Australian Prime Minister stated that the country had “spoken in their millions” and had voted “yes for marriage equality”. He added that citizens of Australia had voted “yes for fairness, yes for commitment, yes for love”.

Surprisingly, the vote had been criticized by many same-sex supporters who stated that the issue could have been debated directly in the parliament. They believed that this kind of public vote would cause unnecessary hype and damage.
Their fears, although unnecessary were based on experience. Many a times, votes on same-sex rights have taken a beating when brought out to the public forum. Supporters of same-sex marriage are well aware that many homophobes continue to remain in society. As such, a non-binding public vote would give them the courage to express their true, albeit politically incorrect beliefs.

However, Australia proved that it has a big heart, one that genuinely believes in equal and fair rights for all.

Most importantly, the survey was a voluntary event. Thus, any individual that did not wish to partake in it did not need to.

However, final statistics report that nearly 12.7 million people took part in the eight week long poll.