Labour Party Calls Government's Announcement

The UK Parliament decided to have a final vote on Brexit before it passed a new Act of Parliament amending the country’s EU-based laws.

The news came from Britain’s Brexit Secretary, David Davis who stated that the terms of the country’s EU exit, which included money, citizen rights, etc., must become law via a new Act of Parliament.

The statement was welcomed by the opposing Labour party, which termed the move a “climbdown”. However, the rest of Parliament was not so amused. Many MPs were suspicious and claimed that the move could very likely be a “sham”, especially if ministers could not be asked to renegotiate.

Reports also state that some rebels in the Tory government were also severely unimpressed with one Tory MP going on record to state that the promise made was utterly “meaningless”.

Analysts state the announcement as significant because it represents a huge concession to any potential Tory rebels and Labour MPs at what is widely acknowledged to be a highly volatile moment in the Brexit process.

The announcement of the vote comes at a moment when the MPs are gearing up for a debate on key Brexit legislation. The debate is scheduled for the latter half of this week.

Reports state that the government may be facing a possible defeat on some core aspects of the EU Withdrawal Bill. The bill is meant to streamline the conversion of EU law into UK law.

The current timetable has the UK scheduled for an EU departure in March 2019. This decision is expected to hold steady. Regardless of the MP’s rejection of the EU Withdrawal Bill. However, the Brexit Secretary’s announcement means that the government could be getting cold feet about its decision to leave the EU.