NFL Star Voted

Football star, Colin Kaepernick, has been voted by popular men’s magazine, GQ’s “Citizen of the Year”. Kaepernick won the award after he took to protesting police brutality against African Americans by kneeling during the U.S. national anthem.

The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, sparked a wave of similar protests across the National Football League (NFL) and other athletic events.

Kaepernick first took his stands last year after a new wave of police brutality against citizens of African origin came to light. Finding his path to peaceful protest, the football star simply knelt during the U.S. national anthem, played routinely before a game.

The move sent shock waves across the nation as people began to understand the reason behind his actions.

Although Kaepernick has faced a great deal of criticism for his behavior, he has also received a lot of accolade. While some, like U.S. President Donald Trump, claim he is being anti-national and displaying blatant disrespect for the country, other like those at GQ magazine recognized the silent appeal behind his gesture.

When Kaepernick first began his protest in August 2016, he was supported by his teammates from the San Francisco 49ers. However, he faced a great deal of criticism from then Presidential candidate, Donald Trump.

Trump went so far as to tell Kaepernick to go ahead and “find a country” that works for him. After Trump’s appointment Kaepernick soon found himself without a job.

The public on the other hand, has openly stood behind the star’s behavior.

In its decision, announced on Monday, November 13, GQ drew a likeness between Kaepernick and other major sports icons such as Muhammad Ali. Years ago, Ali had used his position to take a stand on another human rights issue, that of the Vietnam War.

Kaepernick’s determination to make a difference means that he is currently unemployed. The injustice has not gone unnoticed with many wondering how it came to be, that history repeated itself and rained down only on the black man.