Bombardier Sales

Aircraft maker, Bombardier, has taken time to assure its staff that its recent association with Airbus, will have no far reaching consequences on their jobs.

The Canadian aerospace and rail company, Bombardier, employs nearly 4,000 people in Belfast alone. Of those, close to 1,000 work in the making of the C-Series wings.

The news of Bombardier’s alliance with Airbus has shaken their staff, which is afraid that the company may now begin laying off its workers. However, Bombardier’s Sales Chief, Fred Cromer, has taken pains to assure the company’s workers that they are still valued.

Speaking of the alliance, Cromer stated that the relatively sudden pact forged with Airbus last month, would only “strengthen Bombardier”.

The alliance allows Airbus to take sole control of the new C-Series aircraft. This in particular has Bombardier’s 1,000 C-Series workers understandably worried. However, Cromer assured that the handing over of power would not adversely affect the company’s original employees.

In a statement made at the Dubai Airshow, Cromer said that the Airbus alliance would mean higher production. As a result, he said there would be “more wings” coming from Ireland. These wings would require the skill of dedicated workers, workers that Bombardier already possessed.

The President of Bombardier’s commercial aircraft division also encouraged the company’s C-Series workers and delivered a special message to them. He stated that the employees involved in work on the C-Series program, were to “keep doing” what they were doing. He declared that they were producing “amazing wing technology”.

The aircraft has come under a lot of pressure in the recent times. It has been at the center of a major dispute between the U.S. and Canada. Reports state that the production on Bombardier’s C-Series went far over budget. The project had been weighed down by constant delays.

The U.S. manufacturer, Boeing, then lodged a formal complaint that Bombardier was being subsidized and sold at substantially lower prices in the U.S. The U.S. agreed with the charges and demanded import duties of up to 300%. The final ruling on the case is expected in early 2018.

To counter its spell of bad luck, Bombardier finally announced an alliance with major aircraft maker, Airbus. Airbus is one of Boeing’s biggest competitors. The union of Bombardier, and Airbus on the C-Series project could result in a great deal of problems for Boeing’s sales.

Reports state that Airbus is likely to make use of its plant in Alabama. This in turn would increase the amount of U.S. content in the aircraft, and would cut the import tax that the U.S. government is attempting to levy.