Trump's Presidency Favorable For China

Ian Bremmer, Founder and President of political consultancy, Eurasia Group stated that the U.S. President Donald Trump’s policies have helped China to gain leadership status globally. He made this statement at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Da Nang, Vietnam on November 9.

The founder of Eurasia Group expressed his opinions on the impact of Trump’s presidency on China amid his visit to Chinese capital, Beijing, in the five-nation tour of Asia.

Trump’s emphasis on American jobs and economy have resulted in withdrawal from international engagements. The U.S. withdrew itself from the Paris climate change accord and the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement.

Bremmer said that Donald Trump is a unilateralist. It has presented many opportunities to China to make an international mark and take steps in line with its superpower ambitions.

Many nations are realizing the paradigm shift toward China due to absence of other strong leaderships. The world’s most populous country holds most of the control over its economy than the western democracies.

Bremmer added, “The Chinese are not pro-multilateral globalization but they are pro the Chinese model, which right now doesn’t have a lot of competition.”

China’s growth model, also called as the Beijing Consensus, is based on authoritarian capitalism. It is focused on investing overseas to sustain economic and political ties.

“The Chinese certainly feel like winners if you are a third-party country coming here to APEC and looking at what your options are,” said Bremmer.

Bremmer outlined that there are ample opportunities for China in the remaining three years of Trump’s presidency. If Trump gets second term, it will be a huge opportunity for China to establish itself as a superpower.