Egypt Against War On Iran and Hezbollah

Egypt’s President, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi took a stand against violence on Wednesday. He stated that he was against any planned attacks on Iran or Hezbollah. However, he also stated that his country would support Saudi Arabia in its stand-off against Iran.

The turmoil began after Saudi Arabia demanded sanctions against Hezbollah earlier in the week. The country stated that Iran had supplied Yemen’s Houthis with missiles. They claimed that missiles had been used to target Saudi soil.

President Sisi’s declaration comes in the aftermath of Saudi Arabia’s violent accusations. Sisi emphasized the power of peace. He stated that he was “always against war”. He did not however clarify which nations may be going to war. Sources state that the war is likely to be between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

The Saudis are also displeased with the Hezbollah’s actions, which could lead to further conflicts. The Hezbollah is a military and political organization that has representation in the Lebanese Parliament. Hezbollah’s guerrilla army is rumored to be more powerful than Lebanon’s own.

Declaring his loyalty to Saudi Arabia during a press conference, the Egyptian President stated that “Gulf national security is Egyptian national security”. He added that he had faith in the “wise and firm leadership of Saudi Arabia”.

Sisi’s faith appears to be validated by the fact that Saudi Arabia recently conducted its first ever anti-corruption purge. The purge, led by the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, saw the arrests of many powerful people.

The arrests triggered a wave of shock across the kingdom. Never before have the rich and powerful been held accountable for their crimes.
Sisi defended Saudi Arabia’s move, stating the kingdom’s condition was “stable” in the aftermath of the purge.

Sisi’s declaration of unbending loyalty is unsurprising since Saudi Arabia is one of Egypt’s most generous donners. The country has offered Egypt monetary aid since Sisi’s rise to leadership in 2013.