Twitter Increases Character Limit To 280

Twitter announced that it would double the number of characters in a single tweet. The announcement, made on Tuesday, means that users will no longer have to cram thoughts into 140 characters. The new update, which will allow users to use up to 280 characters in a single tweet, will be available to users in all 40 of the languages supported by Twitter.

The testing for the new update began in late September this year. Twitter began the tests for the 280 character tweets with a select group of users. The update was finally confirmed by the company on Tuesday.

While most users have celebrated this break from brevity, others are not so thrilled by the move.

Twitter stated that this was an issue it had anticipated due to observations made during the tests. The company found that while users were initially excited by the increase in characters, most reverted to sending shorter tweets as the novelty wore off.

The company stated that only 5% of the tweets sent from people in the 280 character test group, were longer than the original 140 characters. Only 2% of the users in the test group opted for tweets over 190 characters.

Despite the statistics, Twitter decided to go ahead with its update. However, the company added that the update would not apply to Japanese, Korean, or Chinese languages.

It explained that since these languages have words that can convey more information in shorter spaces, there was no real need for increasing the characters. Thus, tweets for users opting for any of these languages would still need to adhere to the 140 character limit.

The move is a major change for Twitter. The company built its name on the iconic 140 character limit. The company had not altered that limit since its launch in 2006.