Texas Gunman Fled Mental Health Clinic

Officials have stated that the gunman who massacred 26 people at a church in Texas had fled from a mental health clinic in 2012.

The recently released police report states that the gunman, Devin Kelley, was sent away five years ago after accusations of assault being made. Kelley was admitted to the mental health institution after he faced court-martial for assaulting his ex-wife and stepson during his stint in the U.S. Air Force.

Officers who were present at the time of the assault stated that Kelley was “a danger to himself and others”.

The El Paso officers who responded to the call stated in a report that Kelley was “attempting to carry out death threats”. A majority of these threats seem to be aimed at his military commanders.

After information regarding the assault charge went public, officers admitted that the charge ought to have barred him from owning any guns. According to the report from 2012, El Paso police arrested Kelley at a bus stop in June while he was escaping from the hospital.

Officers at the time stated that Kelley fled Peak Behavioral Health Services, a mental health center located in Santa Teresa, New Mexico. The center was nearly a 100 miles away from the bus stop where he was found.

The police report added that Kelley had already been arrested once, for “sneaking firearms onto Holloman Air Force Base”.

FBI investigators have stated that they are in the process of acquiring data from Kelley’s mobile phone. They hope that the information obtained from the device will help them understand what led Kelley to committing the brutal crime.

Sources state that Kelley had visited the church’s annual fall festival, barely five days before the shooting.

At the time, churchgoers were pleased to see a troubled young man. However, in light of the events on Sunday, they now believe that he had attended, merely to gaze upon his victims.