Democratic Governer Virginia

The southern U.S. state of Virginia elected its new governor, Lt. Gov. Ralph S. Northam. The Democratic win proves that the state of Virginia has blatantly ignored the Republican wave swelling in the rest of the country.

The new governor of Virginia has an impressive record as both a physician and Army veteran. Northam won the title after a race against his Republican opponent, Ed Gillespie.

The Republican candidate, Ed Gillespie had opted for a racially charged campaign that was reminiscent of the current U.S. President’s own race to the top. However, unlike Trump, Gillespie did not manage to use the dormant racial bias to his benefit.

The news comes as no surprise considering the fact that the current Republican President of the U.S., Donald Trump, is deeply despised in the state of Virginia. As such, any member of his party attempting to come to power would be solely unsupported.

The battle between the two opponents included arguments on everything, from immigration to Confederate iconography.

The voters in Virginia reacted with disgust to Republican stunts to connect ideas like immigration and crime. More than anything else, it was this path of campaigning that cemented the Democratic win.

Another state that witnessed a similar uprising was the state of New Jersey. New Jersey too booted out its Republican leadership in favor of a Democratic candidate.

Here as well, the Republican leader in question, former Governor, Chris Christie attempted to win the state over by exploiting any hidden racial bias.

Despite the fact that the Republican candidates in both Virginia and New Jersey attempted to follow President Trump’s blueprint of racial politics, neither were able to clinch a win.

Trump also became the first President of the United States to avoid the gubernatorial candidates in either Virginia or New Jersey.

The last President to do so was George W. Bush who avoided the campaign trail in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks.