War-Craft Pentagon

A recent assessment by the Pentagon has ruled that the only path to destroying all of North Korea’s nuclear options is through a strategic ground invasion.

The opinion was expressed in a letter to Congressman Ted Lieu written by Rear Admiral Michael Dumont. The letter was written by Dumont on behalf of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The Joint Chiefs of Staff is a group that directly advises the president the country’s military ventures

Speaking on the ideas put forth, Dumont stated that any attempts to calculate “even the roughest” potential casualty figures would be terribly difficult.

Dumont also painted a grotesque picture of what the first few hours of the potential war could look like. He informed Congress that the only possible way to “locate and destroy-with complete certainty- all components of North Korea’s nuclear weapons programs” was through a ground invasion.

The information was provided after a request made by Congressman Lieu, to ascertain the potential conflict that could ensue between the two countries. The risks detailed by Dumont included a number of potential nuclear counter-attacks by North Korea. These attacks would be made while the U.S. Forces were attempting to disable the country’s “deeply buried, underground facilities”.

He added that “a classified briefing” was the best method to move forward with the discussion.

The assessment was met with grave foreboding from other members of the Congress. Congressman Lieu, a Democrat, stated that the assessment was “deeply disturbing” and warned that any ensuing conflict could result in “millions of deaths” in just the first few days of war.

In a statement released, he added, “Their assessment underscores what we’ve known all along: there are no good military options for North Korea. He stated that President Trump needed to cease making inflammatory statements. In the past, the U.S. President has made thinly veiled threats against the country.

Mr. Lieu believed that these statements would only put “American troops further at risk”.

The statement comes ahead of President Trump’s Asia trip, which is expected to cover the issue of North Korea’s nuclear threat.