BMW recalls vehicles citing fire risk

Luxury vehicle maker, BMW has recalled close to one million units from North America. It stated that the vehicles could be have one of two problems or both which could lead to the vehicle being flammable.

The first recall made by the company affects only the BMW 3 series models, which were released from 2006 to 2011. The issue was that the model contains wiring, which could cause the vehicles to overheat.

The second recall is on account of a faulty valve heater, which was installed in some of the 2007-2011 models.

The company released a statement saying that BMW would replace any faulty equipment for free. The company also stated that hopes to notify the owners in December.

According to the statistics published on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration site, each problem could affect close to 700,000 vehicles. However, BMW stated that the actual number would be less than 1.4m on account of overlaps.

Since most of the affected cars were sold in the United States, the major recall will affect only North America. The firm did not release any comments on whether they would recall cars sold outside North America.

In a statement, BMW admitted that it has monitored the wiring problem since 2008.

The problem in question is likely to affect the heating and air conditioning facilities in the vehicle. The firm said that if the wiring experienced an extreme amount of heat, it could cause the electrical connectors to melt. This in turn would “increase the risk of a fire”. The firm added that the risk would remain even if the vehicle was “unattended”.

Already there have been three cases reported in 2015, which state the occurrence of this kind of spontaneous combustion.

After a fourth incident that took place in September this year, the firm finally decided to issue a voluntary recall.