CIA Releases Video of Bin Laden's Son

U.S. intelligence has now released a heretofore unseen video of former al-Qaeda leader’s son. The footage of the boy, who was toted to be his father’s potential successor was found amongst material recovered from the attack that killed bin Laden.

The video, was part of a larger chest of materials recovered from the raid site in Pakistan. The raid, which occurred in May 2011, killed bin Laden and fulfilled former U.S. President, Barack Obama’s vow to his country.

The video in particular is unique because it offers a public look into the life of Hamza bin Laden as an adult. Until now, the public has only seen him as a boy, in childhood pictures.

In the recent years, the terrorist group has released numerous audio messages from the deceased terrorist leader’s son.

Most recently, al-Qaeda superimposed an image of Hamza bin Laden on a photo of the World Trade Center. The image was meant to commemorate al-Qaeda’s proud memory of the disgusting terror attack launched on 9/11.

The hour long video shows Hamza Bin Laden at his wedding. He is seated on a ground, surrounded by other men. Koranic verses can be heard in the background of the video.

The potential Al-Qaeda leader sports a traditional white headdress as he verbally accepts his marriage to his bride. His declaration is accompanied by shouts of congratulations from his peers.

The CIA has stated that close to 470,000 files were seized, which offer details of the innermost workings of the terrorist organization.

Hamza Bin Laden is widely expected to rise to the prominence in the jihadist movement. He is being closely observed by his rivals in the Islamic State organization. The latter has suffered severe setbacks in the Middle East, and is unhappy with Al-Qaeda’s progress.