transgender ban blocked by federal court

The U.S. President’s decree was blocked by a federal judge who ruled against the ban on Monday. The law, if passed, would have banned all transgender people from serving in the U.S. military.

The ban was announced by the U.S. President in July of this year. He stated that he would move to reverse former President, Barack Obama’s policy on integration.

The Obama administration had introduced new paperwork to break down barriers in military service and pave the way for a gender integrated society.

Trump however, did not agree with his predecessor’s philosophy.

The judgment is seen as a major win for the community which has accused the president of violating their constitutional rights.

When the ban was first announced, a number of transgender service members sued to block the ban.

They were granted an injunction by Judge Colleen Kollar- Kotelly which allowed them to halt the ban until the case was resolved. The argument placed before the court was that Trump’s policy was a violation of their rights to due process and equal protection.

Speaking of the case in her court, Judge Kollar-Kotelly said that she believed the plaintiffs would succeed in their claim. She stated that the administration’s reasons did not “appear to be supported by any facts”.

Trump however, did not give the U.S. District Judge’s ruling any mind. He signed a memorandum in August directing the military to refrain from recruiting transgender persons.

He also halted the use of government funds for sex-reassignment surgeries for active-duty personnel.

The memorandum called on the Defense Secretary, James Mattis to submit a plan to the President by February 21, 2018. The Pentagon was also asked to create a panel of senior officials for the same purpose.

Although many have condemned Trump for his blatantly bigoted move, he has received staunch support from conservatives.