Russian teen model dies in China

A teenage model of Russian descent, recently died of multiple organ failure in Shanghai. Sources state that the girl was overworked by the Chinese modelling agency she was attached to. The agency has denied all claims of overwork.

The Russian model, Vlada Dzyuba was 14 years old when she died on Friday. She was in China to participate in the Shanghai Fashion week.

Vlada’s mother, Oksana Dzyuba stated that her daughter had often complained of long hours. Speaking to Russia’s NTV channel she said that Vlada said that she had worked close to 13 hours and wanted to rest.

Vlada’s Shanghai-based agency, ESEE Model Management has denied all the claims. The company stated that Vlada was a “happy” girl who enjoyed her modelling assignments.

China is a well- known destination for foreign models with girls from all around the globe trickling in. Girls from the former Soviet Union are particularly popular in the country.

China often hires underage models and has laws in place that allow children under 16 to work in certain industries.

According to reports, Vlada began to feel dizzy and disoriented on Wednesday. She was then taken to a hospital in Shanghai where her condition steadily deteriorated. She passed away on Friday after experiencing multiple organ failure.

However, the cause of her death has been much altered by world media. The Chinese Global Times state newspaper insisted that Vlada died of blood poisoning.

On the other hand, The Siberian Times, an English- language newspaper in Russia claimed she died of meningitis.

It added that her condition was exacerbated by the exhaustion her body experienced after a “grueling” fashion show.

However, Vlada’s modelling agency holds firmly to their version of events. Carrie Fang, chief agent for ESEE claimed that the girl had been happy in the months prior to her passing.