Cook attends meeting with Xi Jinping in Beijing

Sources state that Apple’s CEO Tim Cook was in attendance at a meeting conducted by Chinese President, Xi Jinping. The meeting, attended by others like Mark Zuckerberg, aimed to advise the business school at Beijing’s Tsinghua University.

The report explained that the meeting took place on Tuesday, October 30 and was attended by advisors to the Tsinghua School of Economics and Management.

Apple refused to comment on the meeting, with a spokeswoman stating that she could not “comment” on the schedule of the CEO. However, Facebook proved more forthcoming.

In a post on his Facebook page on Saturday, October 28, Zuckerberg stated that he was in Beijing for the annual meeting. He stated that the trip was a “great” way to “keep up with the pace of innovation and entrepreneurship in China”.

For Cook, the meeting comes at a critical time for Apple. The company is on the verge of releasing its brand new iPhone X in China. Apple is also worried about the sales of its iPhone 8 which was recently released in the country.

Reports of the iPhone’s status claim that sales are up by close to 40 percent in this quarter. This is sure to come as a relief to the company which experienced six consecutive bad quarters in the country.

Reports claim that Apple is attempting to spur sales for the company by providing early discounts on the iPhone 8. Apple has also suffered on account of its proximity with the Chinese government.

Apple’s CEO was recently slammed by a pair of U.S. senators in October for complying with China’s request to remove some VPN applications from its App store.

Cook retorted that the company complies with government requests whenever possible.

However, it is true that Apple’s associations with China may cost them some hard earned trust in the United States.