Digitization could boost UK manufacturing
The New Revolution: Digitization could bring change in UK manufacturing

According to recent claims, the advent of advanced digital technology could lead to a huge boost in UK’s manufacturing industry. This in turn would create thousands of jobs and spark a new industrial revolution.

The independent review committee which was chaired by the head of Siemens UK Juergen Maier and highlighted the benefits of technology. It covered technology such as robotics, 3D printing and artificial intelligence.

However, Juergan Maier stated that the UK needed “greater ambition” to take advantage of this kind of technology. His report insisted on the need for a commission to help businesses adopt these advances.

The report, titled “Made Smarter” brought together leaders from major companies such as Rolls Royce and IBM. There were also representatives from smaller firms looking to learn about the technology. These were joined by academics from universities like Newcastle and Cambridge.

The recommendations made by the committee could help form the government’s new industrial strategy plans.

The proposals made by the committee were backed by CBI director-general, Carolyn Fairbairn. However, she also put in a word of caution against the UK’s international competition.

She stated, “The UK must compete with China, the USA and much of Europe where there are already advanced plans to embrace the fourth industrial revolution.”

Another supporter of the proposals was the chief executive of software firm Vertizan, Sean Redmond. He stated that the UK needed to “catch up with international competitors”.

He added that smaller businesses needed some sort of support when it came to understanding how digitization could impact their business.

According to Maier the report had given Britain a vision for much greater ambition. He insisted that Britain needed to be a “world leader in the fourth industrial revolution”.

He stated that the proposals made by the committee would help businesses “understand, deploy and create the latest digital technologies”.

This would help the country secure more local research and development and help generate better jobs.