Hamilton wins 4th career championship
Hamilton 9th in Mexico Grand Prix, 1st in the World

Racing star Lewis Hamilton managed to clinch another win, becoming the Formula One champion for 2017. Hamilton won his fourth career title despite finishing ninth in the Mexico Grand Prix.

The Grand Prix held in Mexico saw some astonishing sights throughout the race. To begin with, the race was won by Max Verstappen who took an aggressive start.

Verstappen managed to steal the lead away from Sebastian Vettel, Hamilton’s chief competitor.  A little later into the race, Hamilton managed to squeeze ahead of Vettel but the pair collided.

The collision caused major damage to both their efforts. Vettel was left with damage to his front wing while Hamilton sustained a puncture to his rear tire. Both racers needed to do damage control at the end of lap one.

Vettel received a nose change while Hamilton got rid of his puncture. Perhaps it was the damage caused by the collision that resulted in the two title holders placing last, four laps into the race.

Vettel and Hamilton did manage to move up but it would not be enough. Vettel had already suffered through a few dips in the season which left him with no chance of claiming the main title this year.

Before the race on Sunday, sources were certain that clinching the title was a cakewalk for Hamilton. However, the Mercedes car he drove struggled for pace on account of the altitude. Vettel’s Ferrari did a much better job where the pacing was concerned.

Originally, Verstappen had broken the track record to take on the pole position. It was only Vettel’s blistering run that led him to the pole.

It was the 50th pole of Vettel’s career allowing him to take his place among a handful of worthy racers. Other racers include Schumacher, Ayrton Senna and of course, current champion Lewis Hamilton.