Google Partners with Cisco

Google and Cisco have collaborated to create a hybrid cloud based on Kubernetes to safely deliver distributed applications and services across Google Cloud Platform and on-premise infrastructure.

The partnership aims at enabling companies to use Cisco’s hyper-converged platform, HyperFlex, to provide a cloud-ready structure for Kubernetes and containers, along with management tools to supervise security and consumption policies.

Google hopes that companies will bring its hybrid architecture in action by making use of the Kubernetes-based container technique to accelerate on-premise application modernization.

Nan Boden, head of global technology partners at Google Cloud said, “Collectively, we’re engaged on an entire resolution to develop, run, safe and monitor workloads, enabling prospects to optimize their present investments, plan their cloud migration at their very own tempo and keep away from lock-in. Builders will be capable to create new functions within the cloud or on-premise constantly utilizing the identical instruments, runtime and manufacturing surroundings.”

According to Boden, the partnership assists businesses extend current on-premise systems with services running on Google Cloud, which can communicate using modern APIs.

Chuck Robbins, Chief Executive Officer at Cisco said, “Our partnership with Google gives our customers the very best cloud has to offer – agility and scale coupled with enterprise-class security and support. We share a common vision of a hybrid cloud world that delivers the speed of innovation in an open and secure environment to bring the right solutions to our customers.”

The hybrid cloud is seen as a secure solution for a number of businesses who are looking to start a cloud-native technique. Moreover, Google’s partnership with Cisco could assist making its public cloud extra manageable to business prospects.