Samsung Note 8 in bid to inspire confidence
Samsung claims new Note 8 is “safe as chocolate”

Popular smartphone maker Samsung gave away free samples of its new device, the Note 8 to flight passengers in Spain.

The company, which is based in South Korea, is making an effort to prove that the device is utterly harmless. The move is being made in light of the hazards reported with the Note 7.

The smartphone maker handed out 200 units of the device in packed and sealed boxed to passengers traveling from Madrid to A Coruna. The exercise was conducted to prove that the Note 8 is as “safe as a chocolate bar” on any plane.

The confidence building exercise was conducted so that people would no longer hesitate from purchasing the Note 8. There has been a great deal of widespread speculation whether this device would follow in the footsteps of its predecessor.

The Samsung Note 7 was discontinued after multiple complaints were reported against it. The complaints stated that the phone spontaneously burst into flames.

Unlike the phoenix of old there was no baby Note lying within its ashes. Instead there were burns, emergency landings, and polite but firm requests from airlines to leave the Note 7 on the ground.

The new Notes however, claim to change all that. The boxes distributed to the passengers in Spain were accompanied by an encouraging message from the company. The message stated, “A year ago we asked you to turn it off, we welcome you today on board.”

However, despite Samsung’s efforts, the road back is difficult. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 has reportedly combusted a total of 112 times. This too after barely a month of its launching.

Samsung has recalled a total of 2.5million units of the Note 7 after the volley of reports hit the media. The recall cost the company close to $17 billion.

The company has since stopped production on the device and has even requested customers to return the product.

However, Samsung’s customers in the U.S. remain unaffected by the Note 7’s burning glory. A survey showed that close to 63% of Samsung customers agreed to purchase the Note 8.

The rest of the world may not prove so forgiving.