Chinas Politburo Standing Committee
The Porcelain Party: Members of China’s Politburo Standing Committee announced

The key members of China’s Communist Party were determined on Wednesday. The decision was made at the national congress meeting, which takes place every five years.

The members of the party’s most prestigious body, the Politburo Standing Committee were announced at the Wednesday meeting.

The winners included Chinese President Xi Jinping who returned as the party’s general secretary. This would be his second five-year term in the post.

Xi Ping has been head of the Communist Party since 2012. He has also served as the state’s president since 2013. Sources state that he is China’s most powerful leader since Deng Xiaoping who ruled in the 1980s.

Xi is well known for reasserting the party’s influence across every sector of China. This includes putting the main components of China’s economy such as schools, media, and businesses in his masterplan.

It is under Xi’s rule that China has begun to challenge the U.S. military’s dominancy in Asia.

However, this strengthening of domestic security has had other consequences. The move has led to a major regulating of any kind of freedom of speech in the country.

Rights groups have termed the climate the “worst” crackdown for activists, political dissidents and the Uighur and Tibetan minority groups.

With the new rule, Xi is likely to take forward his ambition for a powerful, invincible China.

Other members that maintained their posts included Premier Li Keqiang who maintained his No. 2 position.

Like Xi, the Premier too has held his position since 2013. At one time he was said to have been in the running for the top position.

However, he was ruled out on account of his close connections to the previous leader, Hu Jintao. This proximity, combined with doubt of his ability to command led to his missing the No. 1 position.

Li’s return appears to show that the party certainly recognizes and appreciates his administrative and diplomatic skills.

The meeting also saw five newcomers taking the stand. Whether the combination of old and new blood will lead to a stronger Communist Party is something only time will tell.