Controversy Bill OReilly
O’Reilly insists NBC host’s claims are “incomprehensible”

Former Fox News host, Bill O’Reilly has refuted comments made by Fox presenter Megyn Kelly. The comments were aimed at O’Reilly’s alleged sexual harassment of Fox employees.

The comments were made after O’Reilly publicly suggested that no one had complained of his behavior at Fox.

In a statement she issued, Kelly called the claim “false”. She added that she knew this for a fact because she had complained herself.

The news comes on the heels of a $32 million settlement that O’Reilly made to former Fox employee Lis Wiehl.

Attempting to deny any wrongdoing on his part O’Reilly stated that he was unaware why Ms. Kelly would make such a statement. He added that he had helped Ms. Kelly “dramatically” in her career.

In an interview with radio host Glenn Beck on Monday, O’Reilly said he had never had any issues with Ms. Kelly before.

He insisted that he had helped her earlier in the year when she was suffering through a rough patch in her career. O’Reilly stated he had written a column in support of Ms. Kelly to help her cope with the negative publicity.

Ms. Kelly made the statements on her NBC Today show on Monday. She criticized both O’Reilly and the Fox Network over the $32 million settlement.

Speaking of the amount she stated it was more than a “nuisance value settlement”. She termed the full figure “jaw-dropping”.

Ms. Kelly supported her statement with the example of the OJ Simpson trial. She stated that in the case in question, OJ Simpson was ordered to pay the families of the murder victims $33.5 million.

Taking the case as an example, she stated that the O’Reilly settlement was too close to the number to be a straightforward sexual harassment case.

She questioned the kind of “awfulness” that must have prevailed for the number to be so high.

Ms. Kelly left Fox to join NBC earlier this year and stated that she had sent a formal complaint against O’Reilly to several Fox News executives in November 2016. However, no action was taken against him.