Suicide bombing in Afghanistan
Suicide bombing in Afghanistan

A wave of suicide bombings plagued the war torn country of Afghanistan on Tuesday. The bombs detonated in the southern, western and eastern part of the country.

Reports state that the attacks were launched by the Taliban. The current death toll has crossed 74 while many other have been critically wounded.

Meanwhile, the Afghan authorities claim that they have killed 35 Taliban fighters in a drone attack near the Pakistan border.

Speaking about the attacks, Afghanistan’s Deputy Interior Minister, Murad Ali Murad has stated that it is the “biggest terrorist attack of this year”.

He added that the attacks have claimed close to 70 lives in the provinces of Ghazni and Paktia.

The attack in the Paktia province occurred when the Taliban targeted a police compound in the provincial capital of Gardez.

The terrorists used two suicide car bombs to conduct the attack. Casualties from the attack included 48 policemen and over 110 civilians.

Paktia’s provincial police chief was among those killed in the attack.

A spokesperson of Afghanistan’s Health Ministry stated that the Gardez hospital had recorded over 130 wounded people in the attack.

A statement issued by Arif Noori, the spokesman for the provincial governer in Ghazni stated that the Taliban attack lasted for a total of nine hours.

In the western province of Farah, the Taliban targeted a government compound located in the Shibkho district. The attack killed three policemen.

The Taliban has claimed all responsibility for the attacks. In a statement made by their spokesperson, they stated that two vehicles had been used, a truck and stolen police vehicle.

Although Afghan officials claim that the situation is under control, statistics tell a different story.

According to U.S. SIGAR (Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction), the government currently controls only 57% of the country.

The data also stated that between January and November 2016, 6,785 of Afghanistan’s security personnel were killed. It further stated that about 11,777 of the personnel had been injured.

This dip in Afghanistan’s troops has coincided with the rise in Taliban related conflict.