New breathing technique for athletes_

Researchers have found that new specialized breathing techniques can effectively address breathing problems arising from exercise.  

Many athletes have found that excessive time spent on their sport leads to difficulty breathing. Some have also stated that this difficulty leads to a panicky state of mind which often causes anxiety attacks.

Speaking of the sensation, an athlete, Jack Robb reported that he felt like the world had slowed down.

He added that he felt as if someone had “a hand” over his mouth, a hand that just wouldn’t let him loose. Many others have reported similar sensations while exercising.

One of them, Alexis Beggan decided to approach a doctor about her problems. After intensive testing she was diagnosed with exercise induced laryngeal obstruction, or EILO.

Videos of her tests show her vocal chords visibly tightening as she begins to exercise.

A study in the Journal of Voice has reported that EILO is relatively common with young athletes. It also describes the new breathing technique that it believes can combat it.

Researchers at the National Jewish Health are now teaching the athletes a gradual, step-by step process which will help them control their breathing in any situation.

Describing the technique, Alexis Beggan says it involves exhaling completely and then breathing in “through your teeth”.

The movement releases a kind of strange muffled noise. Beggan insists that the sound is similar to the one made by the popular science fiction character “Darth Vader”.

The technique requires the participant to open their mouth very wide, thus giving them the ability to draw in and control their airflow.

The study states that at least 80% of the athletes that have tried the technique have reported a substantial improvement.

Thus they can now continue to play the sport they enjoy without any major respiratory issues.