Youngest head Sebastian Kurz wins elections in Austria
Europe gets youngest PM from Austria, Kurz victorious

Sebastian Kurz, Foreign Minister and leader of the conservative Austrian People’s Party (OeVP) claimed a win in 2017 Austrian parliamentary elections. The victory enabled him to become the youngest leader in the history of Europe and likely to put country on the right course.

“Today is not the day of triumph over others, but today is our chance for real change in this country,” said newly-elected Kurz to cheering supporters.

The Interior Ministry of Austria announced the results outlining that his party gained comfortable lead after counting almost all ballots. Kurz called it a historic victory noting the fact, his party won over Social Democrats only twice since the World War II ended.

Wolfgang Sobotka, Interior Minister of Austria outlined that the People’s Party gained 31.4 percent of the vote. It outlined an upsurge of more than 7 percentage from the 2013 elections. The 31-year-old newly-appointed prime minister expressed, it was the biggest jump in support in the history of party.

The present government, the Social Democratic Party of Austria which in coalition with People’s Party, gained 26.7 percent. However, the Freedom Party gained 27.4 percent.

More than 800,000 absentee ballots and votes casted by voters outside of their home districts have not counted yet. The outstanding votes will be counted by mid-week.

The votes counted till now highlighted a significant thing. Austria will have a government focused on migration and Muslims as compared to the one running the country before elections.

The right-wing Freedom Party is most likely to become government coalition partner with Kurz’s party. Both parties campaigned for demand of stricter immigration controls, cracking down on radical Islam, and rapidly deporting asylum-seekers whose requests have been denied.

The results showed that focus on immigration resonated more with voters as compared to Social Democratic agenda for social equality.