Trump threatens media with loss of license
POTUS threatens Media with Loss of License

President Trump has objections to the media’s authenticity in recent times. In a step taken this week, he has also raised the prospect of challenging media licenses for networks like the NBC news.

The President’s ire with the NBC came after the network reported that he wanted to boost America’s nuclear arsenal almost tenfold. The network, which contributed to Trump’s fame with the show The Apprentice, has defended its story.

However, in a myriad of tweets and statements, Trump has declared that the report is “fake news” and “pure fiction”.

NBC also received heat last week when they reported that the secretary of state had called President Trump “a moron”.

Reacting to the poor image the media seemed to be creating, the President tweeted yesterday, “With all of the Fake News coming of NBC and the Networks at what point is it appropriate to challenge their License?”

He added, the situation was “Bad for (the) country”. Speaking at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s welcoming on Wednesday, he added it was “disgusting” that the press had the freedom to write anything they wanted.

When questioned if he did indeed want to increase the country’s nuclear stash, the President replied in the negative. He said that he only wants to have a “perfectly maintained nuclear force.”

Mr. Trump’s Defense Secretary Jim Mattis refuted NBC’s story saying that the reports were “absolutely false”. He added that “This kind of erroneous reporting is irresponsible”.

The President’s tweet however has provoked outrage from all corners.

President Obama’s Head of Government Ethics, Walter Shaub stated that the action could lead to, “the point when we cease to be a democracy”.

The Committee to Protect Journalists stated, the President’s comment was setting a poor example for other world leaders.