MacDonalds brings back Schezwan sauce
For the Love of Sauce: MacDonald’s apologizes for limited stock

Over the weekend, MacDonald’s made their Schezwan sauce from the 1990’s available to fans in limited quantities. Unfortunately, the limited availability of the product resulted in a large number of very disgruntled fans.

The Schezwan sauce was introduced in stores in 1998. The sauce was meant to be a promotional tool for the Disney film “Mulan”. The condiment has recently come back into the public eye after being featured on the popular animated comedy “Rick and Morty” earlier this year.

The sauce made its appearance in episode one of the third season of the show. In the episode, Rick tells Morty that his actions in the episode are motivated only for love of the sauce.

The actions include deeds like destroying the Galactic Federation and the Citadel of Ricks. Rick also succeeds in rescuing his family. However, he declares that his motivation for all of it is only, “That McNugget sauce. I want that Mulan McNugget sauce, Morty.”

MacDonalds was informed of the reference by fans of the show. The food chain immediately sent the show’s co-creator, Justin Roiland, a bottle of the sauce. MacDonald’s also decided to auction some bottles online. One of these online bottles sold at $15,000 on eBay.

Sensing an opportunity to capitalize on the growing hype for the sauce, MacDonald’s announced that it was bringing the sauce back. However, the sauce would be available only in limited supply at select locations throughout the United States.

The result was staggering with fans of the show driving across the Canadian border just for a taste of the sauce.

Unfortunately, MacDonald’s did not calculate the show’s fan-base correctly which resulted in a lot of animosity towards the company.

People lined up outside MacDonald’s outlets with picket signs chanting slogans like “We want sauce”.

They were held back by police posted to keep the crowd in check.

Bowing to public pressure MacDonald’s issued a public apology to fans of the sauce and stated it would bring the sauce back in winter.

They added that the sauce would be available in copious quantities at all locations across the U.S., easily available to any fan that wanted it.