Gobble Raised $15 Million in Funding Series from Khosla
Khosla backed Gobble Ahead its Opponents

Gobble, a fast meal kit delivery service, has raised $15 million in a Series B growth financing from Khosla Ventures, as confirmed by the media.

Khosla Ventures is an American venture capital firm. The company focuses on early stage companies across sectors such as mobile, healthcare, biotechnology, internet, and computing.

In 2015, Gobble came out of Y Combinator, an American company which made a model to fund early stage startups. In the same year, Gobble’s DIY meal kit was beginning to fail.

“I remember everything on our business charts was going down and to the right,” Gobble founder Ooshma Gard mentioned in a YC blog post.

Around the same year, the food delivery company pulled through and was reportedly serving a million meals in 2015. The numbers have currently increased.

According to a report, Gobble claims to have a more loyal lifetime customer base. The company has more customers than competitors such as Blue Apron and Plated at about $800 per year loan-to-value ratio.

“Gobble’s investments in culinary R&D and data science have enabled them to build a valuable member base who trust Gobble with their accounts running on autopilot,” stated Initialized Capital’s Garry Tan.

Gobble had previously raised $14.8 million in venture funding, bring the total up to nearly $30 million.

The startup is aiming to use the new funds for hiring more team members and for expansion. The company currently functions in 32 states.