UN releases funds for Rohingya
Saving the Rohingya: UN appeals for funds

The United Nations made a statement on October 3, 2018 that it would appeal for $430 million in aid from the international community.

The aid is in response to the ongoing refugee crisis in Bangladesh. The figure quoted more than double of the one calculated weeks earlier when the number of refugees was lower.

The UN’s head for humanitarian affairs Mark Lowcock said, the conditions in Rohingya camps were terrible and that the UN would make an appeal in Geneva on October 23, 2018. The appeal comes almost six weeks after the UN began relief operations in Bangladesh.

Speaking of the proposal Lowcock said, “We have a fantastic set of proposals that come from all the response agencies and we are in a stage now where the main constrain we face is finance for those essential programs.”

He added that while Bangladesh had offered the refugees a generous welcome the condition in the camps was terrible. He also stated that unless steps were taken to better the health and sanitation in the camps they could, “face a health catastrophe on top of the existing tragedy.”

These are sentiments that have been echoed by the Red Cross and other humanitarian groups that are working with the refugees. Descriptions from the camps state that over a hundred people are making use of a single toilet.

Despite the UN’s plans, the future is bleak for the displaced Rohingyas. While life in their own country was bad the life in the camps is certainly worse.

World leaders have urged Myanmar to ensure the safe return of these refugees.
However, while Myanmar authorities claim that clashes have stopped the exodus continues.