Amazon Go lunching in Paris and britain
Prime locations in Paris facilitate Amazon to make acquisitions in France

According to media statements, online retail giant Amazon, is on a hunt for approximately fifteen store locations in France. Their main area of target is Paris, in the next two years.

A French publication said, the U.S. company had approached French distributors to forge partnerships or to make acquisitions in the country.

The ultimate goal of the online giant is to get closer to a retailer to take advantage of its buying capacity that they do not possess at the moment. Amazon is currently in talks with two independent food distribution companies in France.

“They have approached everyone but have not received any positive feedback,” said a distributor.

As per the reports, one of the distributor approached was Monoprix, a major French retail chain, whose parent company is Groupe Casino. It was indicated that Casino “does not intend to sell Monoprix.”

Amazon declined the request to comment.

The new stores in France could be used to expand Amazon’s Go grab-and-go concept. The idea is currently in private beta test with only Amazon employees. The area is located around a corner from the company’s headquarter in Seattle.

The retail giant is also looking for partnerships in Britain and already approached the Morrsions grocery chain.

In February, a certain publication carried a report that Amazon was looking at the store locations in central London to launch Amazon Go. The move suggested, the company was stepping up its plans to bring futuristic convenience stores in Britain.

Amazon Go contains a high-tech platform which allows consumers to purchase items without ever waiting in lines. The checkout process involves automatic transactions via the consumer’s smartphones.

Amazon continues to get bulk of its sales from the North American market but it has been aggressively expanding its operations overseas.

The online retail company has more than thirty fulfillment centers in the European Union. Last year, they announced plans to expand its workforce in Europe above 41,000 people.