Ferrari to change components after engine failure
Breaking the Horse: Ferrari to change engine components

Ferrari will make changes to improve the quality of components used in its cars. The change comes in light of the recent engine failures at the Malaysian Grand Prix.

At the grand prix held in Malaysia recently, Ferrari’s contender Sebastian Vettel finished last after problems plagued his qualifying rounds. His teammate, Kimi Raikkonen too faced a series of issues and was ruled out before the start of the actual event

Ferrari’s Chairman Sergio Marchionne admitted to the problem but stated that the Ferrari was certainly the most powerful machine on the track.

He said, “The fact that yesterday both the Ferraris could have beaten everybody is undisputed. It was also the case in Singapore. Without external factors, those cars would have been first and second. And that’s very positive.”

Marchionne explained the current production team was still relatively young and green. Although Ferrari has been around for over seven decades, the company underwent a major restructuring in 2016.

After encountering the problem, Ferrari replaced Vettel’s faulty engine at the end of FP3. However, the turbo pressure left him unable to complete the Q1.

An analysis of the engine of Vettel’s car showed that the problem lay in a broken manifold that fed air from the compressor to the internal combustion unit.

The issue appears to be recent since the engine had run well on the dyno in Maranello prior to being shipped to Malaysia.

In a bid to avoid a repeat in further qualifying rounds or the races, Ferrari opted to fit a new engine.

The engine will be the upgraded version that Ferrari has been working on for some time.
Ferrari had earlier considered delaying the release of the new specification. The engine’s grand opening was scheduled for either the Japanese Grand Prix or the United States Grand Prix, both to be held in October, 2017.