Las Vegas concert shooting
The Bullet in the Crowd: Las Vegas concert shootout

A mass shooting was witnessed at the Route 91 Harvest festival in Las Vegas on October 3, 2017. The tragedy took place during a concert by country star Jason Aldean. While the singer was involved with his set, gunfire erupted from an upper floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel.

A concert-goer told the Las Vegas Review Journal, “It was a horror show. People were standing around, then they hit the floor.” Many hid themselves in sewers to escape the bullets.

The gunman, Stephen Paddock was a 64 year old retired accountant from Mesquite, Nevada. He was found dead on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Hotel. Police state that the death appears to be a suicide.

23 guns were recorded from the hotel room while another 19 guns were found at Paddock’s Las Vegas home. The police believe that all of Paddock’s firearms were acquired legally.

The attack killed more than 58 people and injured over 500. First-hand accounts from victims state that the scene was utter chaos. One concert goer put it bluntly to CNN saying “people just started dropping like flies.” The Las Vegas Review stated that the injured were carried away in wheelbarrows and luggage carts.

This was the worst mass shooting in the recent U.S. history, with the death toll trumping the Pulse nightclub shooting of 2016. In June 2016, an Orlando nightclub was the scene of a mass shooting which killed 49. The gunman responsible for the shooting has pledged his allegiance to terrorist group ISIS.

However, authorities claim that Paddock has no known terrorist links. Thus the police remain uncertain as to the reason behind Paddock’s gun rage.