future of AI says Applied Materials CEO

Gary Dickerson, CEO of Applied Materials stated that the race for creation of framework for next-generation artificial intelligence (AI) would be the biggest battle in the corporate world in the future. The chief expressed his opinion on AI in an interview with Jim Cramer, host of Mad Money from CNBC.

The CEO stated the upgrades in operating system and new mobile phone iterations define tech cycles in this era. However, the competitive focus will turn to artificial intelligence.
Dickerson outlined that industries such as transportation, entertainment, and healthcare would undergo tremendous changes. Moreover, these industries would generate trillions in revenue. As a result, the race to gain leadership status for AI architecture would become the biggest battle.

The CEO believes his company Applied Materials will be a leader in AI development. The company manufactures semiconductor equipment for Nvidia.

Gary Dickerson highlighted that his company manufactures semiconductors which offer power and performance. So Applied will be a leader in AI architecture leadership no matter who ends up winning the race.

“In AI and big data, data, many people talk about, is very similar to oil. But oil is no value unless you process it and put it into something like an automobile. So, same thing is true with data,” Dickerson said.

He added there is a need for high-performance computing to transform data into value. Many experts believe this turn would be the biggest in our lifetimes.

The generally accepted idea contradicts Dickerson’s argument. The idea points out that the semiconductor is highly dependent on supply and demand. Moreover, it is prone to boom-bust cycles. The CEO outlined the significant transformation in the industry resulted in reduction in volatility.

Applied Materials CEO predicted the semiconductor industry won’t ‘bust’ anytime soon.