Workplace acquires Walmart as customer

The retailing giant Walmart, has signed on as a customer on the Facebook owned enterprise Workplace.

Workplace is a work productivity tool with an interface which is similar to Facebook. It joins employees’ existing user accounts to enable easy access and communication. However, unlike Facebook, companies must pay to use Workplace.

Julian Codorniou, VP of Workplace stated, “If you know how to use Facebook and Messenger, you will know how to use Workplace. That’s important especially if you want to connect with millennials.”

Statistics state that over a billion people around the world currently use Facebook. Thus introducing Workplace into the working environment would require very little investment on the part of the company.

Clay Johnson, Walmart’s CIO and EVP said, “We believe the right technology can empower our people. Walmart’s vision of the future is centered around people — by serving the communities people live in and the people who work at Walmart. Workplace shares this mission, and together we’re building the next generation workforce.”

Dam Kneeshaw, senior director of Digital Strategy and Brand Engagement at Walmart said, “We’re already on the journey of digital transformation here at Walmart and Workplace for us is further accelerating our pace with what we’ve already been doing.”

There are a number of features offered by Workplace which will appeal to Walmart, such as the ability to share pictures of a new product or arrangement with all their stores.

Walmart has operations in a number of locations around the world, thus Facebook’s automatic translation features would facilitate easy communication between their offices.

For Facebook, the new customer comes as a respite after the recent loss of business in China. Workplace however seems to be doing well with some 14,000 businesses registering for services within a year of release.

Other customers of Workplace include giants such as Starbucks and Telenor.