Chicago's heat wave

Chicago experienced a 92 degree Fahrenheit heat at the O’Hare Airport on Tuesday afternoon. It was the highest temperature recorded for seventh day on a row. Chicago’s unprecedented late-September heat wave draws to a close.

Chicago had registered a 90 degree Fahrenheit temperature in the September of 1998. It was the previous record of highest temperature.

Kevin Birk, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Chicago said, “We are going to continue to see these conditions into the evening hours, when the cooler air will start to filter in.”

Saturday’s temperature of 95 degrees surpassed the record of 91 set in 1937. Sunday’s temperature of 93 crossed the record of 91 set in 1891. Meanwhile, Monday’s temperature of 92 surpassed the 90-degree record set in 1933.

According to the weather services, Chicago’s heat affected areas may expect scattered rain in the afternoon and evening but it will not provide substantial relief from the dryness.

A dry pattern will be observed throughout the week. As per the signs, Chicago will return to normal temperatures by the coming week, Birk said on a social media platform.

The city is expected to be cooler with a 70 degree Fahrenheit temperature accompanied by sparse clouds.

Thursday’s temperature will remain constant with more sun, the weather officials added.