Australia's First National Space Agency

The Federal government of Australia will join the global space race by creating the country’s national space agency. The decision will be confirmed after a meeting with the Turnbull government and International Astronautical Federation from 25th to 29th September.

The International Astronautical Federation will hold an annual conference in South Australia. Andy Thomas, Adelaide-born astronaut for Australia, will join the space industry.

Talks to form a domestic space agency began since July when Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister of Australia, acted on the advice of Andy Thomas.

Around 200 written submissions were received by reference groups and more than 400 people were consulted across the country.

According to Michaelia Cash, Acting Science Minister, the global space industry is growing rapidly and it’s crucial for Australia to be a part of the growth. The national space agency will ensure the country has a strategic long-term plan that supports the development and application of space technologies and boosts the domestic space agency.

“The agency will anchor for our domestic co-ordination and the front door for our international engagement,” he added.

As per media reports, an Australian space agency will mainly deal in hi-tech jobs in the satellite technology, supporting innovation, defence, telecommunications and the environment.

Simon Birmingham, Australia’s Education Minister said, “The scientific pursuit in space in many ways is never ending. The commercial opportunities have expanded dramatically across defence, communications and transportation.”

According to the Senator Birmingham, the agency is a private-sector undertaking and hence the country will be at the forefront seizing opportunities, creating jobs and investment.

Dr. Megan Clark, a former head of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, will determine the location of the headquarters and the type of investment profile it needs. The plan for strategy is expected to end by March 2018

Australia is a part of the Organization for Economic Co-operation Development group nations, and is without a domestic agency. The global space industry is worth $420 billion, but the country’s share is only 0.8 percent.