Trump ObamaCare

Donald Trump, President of U.S.A, on Wednesday coerced the Republican Senators, to push forward a last attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act before the end of September.

The health-care bill sets up a block grant system to allot money to the states. Plenty of government bodies are expected to see less federal funding under the plan than they currently get.

The President took to social media for the first time to explicitly endorse the heath-care plan lead by Lindsey Graham, Republican Senator and Bill Cassidy, American Senator from Louisiana. The senators are jointly and swiftly acting to pass the bill before the deadline of September 30. They are using the days prior to the deadline to approve the bill with only Republican votes, as per the budget rules.

“I hope Republican Senators will vote for Graham-Cassidy and fulfill their promise to repeal & replace ObamaCare money direct to the States!” Trump wrote on a social media platform.

The senators supporting the move say, the bill will give states more control over their health care rather than the federal government. The supporters face a tough fight and have a razor-thin minority in the Senate.

If three Republican senators oppose the plan, it will fail. Multiple attempts to revoke Obamacare this year, previously failed owing to the Republican Party’s opposition.

As per critics, revoking the bill will increase the number of uninsured Americans and lead to fewer financial protections for people with pre-existing conditions. Ten bipartisan governments have insisted the Senate to oppose the bill, while numerous health-care groups have criticized the bill.

Senator Rand Paul announced his opposition for the bill. Trump condemned Paul on twitter for his decision.