Twitter Took Down Pro-Terrorist Accounts

Social media giant Twitter, suspended the online activities and profiles of about 300,000 accounts that were involved in promoting terrorism. The social network began suspending suspicious accounts from the beginning of August 2015.

According to Twitter’s latest transparency report, the company suspended 300,000 accounts during the first half of 2017. Up to 95% of the accounts were brought to light by “internal, spam-fighting tools” within six months.

The transparency report which was released on September 19, included the guidelines to combat accounts which promote violence. As per the guidelines, the social networking site is taking efforts to combat violent extremism. It includes data on flagged content which may violate its terms of service. Some of these accounts were flagged to Twitter by government officials.

The number of terrorist accounts went down to 20% from the last report. Twitter releases transparency report twice in a year.

Twitter took data from government reports which violate the terms of service and divided it into three categories: abusive behavior, copyright, and trademark issues. The majority of government reports were related to abusive behavior. It took action on just 12% of the reported accounts.

The social networking site constantly comes under fire for not taking action on objectionable content. According to the social networking site, the content does not violate its terms. The company recently took action on 92% of the 1,200 flagged accounts for promoting terrorism.

According to VOX-Pol, an academic research network which studies online violent extremism, pro-terrorism activities now cannot exist on Twitter due to its’s aggressive pro-IS account activity takedown.

Since August 2015, the company suspended more than 935,000 accounts to combat extremism on its platform.