WhatsApp Rolls Out the Storage Section

WhatsApp has rolled out a new storage section. This new section offers more refined and comprehensive control over the storage used by chats on the Android phones.

A part of the storage usage has already been installed in the iphones since this January. With this feature, the WhatsApp users will be able to manage and control the exact amount of data consumed in group & single chat and which files consume more storage space.

The users will be able to delete the data hogging files from the interface that helps them to save storage space. This function will be available only for the latest v2.17.340 beta version and soon will be released for all versions.

The users can access the “Storage usage” section by tapping on to the WhatsApp setting and then on the “data and storage data”. The storage usage option appears below the network usage menu.

In the “storage usage” section, WhatsApp will allow the users to check message type, such as videos, images, text, GIFs, and voice messages from specific chats.

Furthermore, at the bottom of the “data and storage usage” there is a “manage messages” option for selecting any specific messages of any type.

By offering the storage usage option, the WhatsApp has given a granular control over storage space.

Integration with UPI is also expected soon, but the most anticipated WhatsApp feature is the ‘Delete for Everyone’ option that will let users to un-send messages. This is anticipated to be introduced by the late 2017.