No Fear of International Scrutiny-Suu Kyi

She was criticized by the international communities for not speaking up on the Rohingya crisis. Therefore, she has addressed the Myanmar people on the issue.

Suu Kyi, in her first public appearance, has cleared her stand on the ongoing Rohingya crisis, which was termed as ethnic cleansing by the U.N.

Suu Kyi, by far has shown reluctance to speak up on the Rohingya issue, since the violence broke out on 25 August 2017. Her refusal to speak on the crisis has brought a lot of criticism from the international communities, which once endorsed her as the champion of the Myanmar democracy.

Suu Kyi while addressing to the Burmese people has said, “It is not the intention of the Myanmar government to apportion blame or to abdicate responsibility. We condemn all human rights violation and unlawful violence. We are committed to the restoration of peace, stability and rule of law throughout the state.”

The Myanmar state counsellor, Suu Kyi, in her 30 mins televised speech, has also expressed deep regret over the sufferings of the Rohingya Muslims and also cleared that the country is not scared of the international scrutiny.

She has urged other unites, across religious and ethnic lines, to help in maintaining peace and stability. She has also claimed that majority of the Rohingya village have not been affected by the violence. She refrained from speaking against the army.

She also said in her speech that the country is ready to take back the refugees subject to a verification process.

The Myanmar government in the past has said, its clearance operations are in response to the attack by the militants present in the Rakhine state. Suu Kyi in her speech has also said that army is combating with the militants and will do everything to save lives of civilians.