Hamilton Wins Singapore Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton was fifth on the grid while his rival, Sebastian Vettel was racing ahead. He could not believe his luck when it started to rain. Vettel’s race miserably ended on the first lap.

Vettel veered off the track and collided with Max Verstappen and Kimi Raikkonen. The damaged Ferrari went into the barriers. Hamilton avoided the chaos and took the lead. The weather, according to the pro Mercedes racer, was challenging.

Hamilton believed the conditions had given him a leeway to ace the grand prix. The main rivals were wiped out of the race’s opening seconds.

“I didn’t pray for a miracle for anything to happen. When it rained, I thought ‘this is it, I can win from the fifth’. I was sure I could do something and then everyone disappeared,” Hamilton said to the media.

According to the 2017 F1 champion, the race was well-controlled and he didn’t make any mistakes. The rain proved to be a miracle. The championships have not had rain since 10 years.

Vettel’s first retirement of 2017 means Hamilton has unexpectedly opened up a 28 point advantage in the Drivers’ Championship with six races to go. The Singapore GP victor enjoyed the positivity from the day’s match. He also mentioned, “The circuit was the weakest one and so it made him take lead.”

Toto Wolff, the team’s head said, “Formula 1 is incredibly complicated but days like this remind you that it is still a sport and that you never know what might happen.”

“I definitely count my blessings and don’t take it for granted,” Hamilton added.

It was Hamilton’s 60th F1 victory, and his fourth in the last five races.