Pinterest Growing At 40 Percent Every Year

Pinterest, a U.S.-based virtual network for collecting information and photos, celebrated 200 million users on September 21. The networking site has its user base growing at 40 percent every year.

People have been flocking to Pinterest post its launch in 2010.

According to Evan Sharp, co-founder and the head of design, people have been curious to find out about new things. The online bulletin board has maximum users from outside the United States.
Sharp declined to comment on the exact revenue figures but he said it was “going well.”

Pinterest is an online bulletin board platform where users decorate their boards with pictures showcasing interests in a variety of areas including food, fashion, and travel among others. The virtual network sees itself as being in between social networking and online search with users consulting it when seeking out products or services.

Pinterest accumulates money from paying a role in online shopping and from advertising.

Earlier this year, the virtual network introduced new features into their ‘online boards’. The feature pushes harder into e-commerce by enabling people to use smartphones to identify products they might wish to pursue.

The service brings in a wide variety of users from around the world. Pinterest is working to localize results in more countries. People seeking ideas about recipes, home furnishing, or other topics will see related ‘pins’ tailored to their geographical locations.

Pinterest is avoiding clashes with Facebook and Twitter, which have experienced the rise of hate speech and abusive content.

“It is a time of fake new and nasty anonymous content online. Pinterest is about the future, dreaming of possibilities. It is a place to think about your best possible life and then go out and do that. People are spending time to make choices based on what they hope to be, not what they are afraid of,” Sharp said.

Pinterest’s vision is to help people find new ideas online and then follow them in the real world, as per Sharp’s statements.